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State Desired Goals

When a swine disease strikes, you want helpful information immediately. Fortunately, there’s SOURCE, a systematic approach to disease control, prevention and management using a step-by-step process developed by Boehringer Ingelheim.

The first step in the process for PED is to “state desired goals” and it is often the most overlooked. Simply stated, where do you want your herd to be in the PED story? Ask yourself: Do I want to eliminate the virus? Do I want to live with the virus, but diminish its effects? Or do I want to do everything I can to prevent the virus from entering the herd? These are the three options in designing a PED-specific herd goal.


What is your goal?




PED has been confirmed in the herd; however, farm management desires to return the farm to a negative status.

PED has been confirmed in the herd, and the prospects for preventing new virus introductions or eliminating the virus entirely are low. Farm management is committed to minimizing mortalities and further spread of the virus.


The herd has not tested positive for, and shows no symptoms of, PED, and farm personnel will follow protocols to reduce the change of it entering the farm.