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Understand Risks

When a swine disease strikes, you want helpful information immediately. Fortunately, there’s SOURCE, a systematic approach to disease control, prevention and management using a step-by-step process developed by Boehringer Ingelheim.

It’s important you understand all of the risks you and your operation face when up against PED – “understand risks” is the third step in the SOURCE process. Today’s pig industry is highly mobile. Pigs are moved from farm to farm, barn to barn, and even across state lines. The better you understand the risks, the better you can fight them. A sobering statistic:  one thimble of fecal matter can infect thousands of pigs.

Below is a series of questions about potential PED risk areas on your farm. Review the questions with your veterinarian and he/she ccan help you determine your level of risk and help you develop a customized plan for reducing PED risk in the future.

  • Restate your goals; do you want to eliminate, diminish or prevent PED?
  • What is the status of your replacement animals? Are they PED positive, negative or is their status unknown?
  • Do you have pig neighbors in close proximity?
  • Have you established a Line of Separation (also known as the “clean/dirty line”, marks inside of farm from outside of farm) on your farm?
  • Does vehicular traffic coming on and off your farm – including load-out trucks – adhere to the Line of Separation?
  • Do you have an established protocol for disinfecting market hog vehicles?
  • Do you have feed delivered?
  • Do you have a written biosecurity plan that is shared with employees?
  • Do you have shower-in/shower-out facilities?
  • Do you have a designated area for contaminated clothing, boots, supplies and other materials?
  • How well are rodents and pests controlled on the farm?
  • Are equipment or tools used to move or store manure disinfected immediately after use?
  • When using an outside manure hauler, what protocols are strictly followed?
  • Is there a proper Animal Disposal Unit on the farm?
  • Do you share any equipment, vehicles or other materials with neighboring farms?
  • Do you know the status of any source herd animals?
  • Are all vehicles sanitized if they cross the Line of Separation, both prior to arriving and after departure?
  • Are all movement of pigs on and off the farm been accurately recorded?
  • When disinfecting, is hot water and an effective virucidal disinfectant used, and adequate drying time allowed? If yes, what disinfectant is used?